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Portland 10921 N Vancouver Ave OREGON, 97217-8065, United States


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Sun: Closed

Mon: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Tue: 8:00am - 6:00pm

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Sat: Closed

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"A M Consulting" (Architectural Services).

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes: 8712.

"A M Consulting" the scope of activity of which is classified Engineering in Portland.

For letters is necessary to use the postal address 10921 N Vancouver Ave, Portland, Or, USA 97217-8065.

If necessary, you can contact the company by phone 5032832222.

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Reviews about A M Consulting

  • This company is a FRAUD!!! Be very careful if you are thinking about hiring them! One of their employees (Adam Marron) is a scammer and a thief!!! I met him back in June and he seemed like a really nice guy, but then suddenly changed and turned into a big liar! He tried to convince me that he was in love with me and wanted to marry me once his job was completed. Recently, he informed me that he had to travel to China to do a project that he was given that would last about 2 weeks. The first red flag that was thrown up was that one of his suitcases didn't arrive with him when he got to Shanghai. He supposedly put a "brand new MAC laptop" it in one of his suitcases and that just happened to be the one that wasn't on the plane. So as a result of this, he could not do his work there without his laptop and wanted me to buy him another one and send it there to him...YEAHHH RIGHT!!! That was definitely not going to happen! I informed him when we first met that I do not take care of men. It's either 50/50 or we go our separate ways! Secondly, he needed a $50 or $75 I-Tunes card to work on his project and he couldn't get one from over there, so out of the goodness of my heart, I bought him the cards. The next made up drama was that when his goods arrived to the seaport, he was unable to retrieve them because he had to pay $17,000.00 to get the goods from the seaport in order to start his job. YES...he asked me to give him $17,000.00 to get the goods out and he would pay me back the following week once he had completed 1/2 of the job and get paid. Now seriously...HE MUST HAVE BEEN OUT OF HIS MIND TO THINK I WOULD JUST GIVE HIM $17000.00!!! YESSSS...HE THOUGHT BECAUSE HE TOLD ME HE LOVED ME THAT WOULD THAT I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HIM AND GIVE HIM ANYTHING!!! NOT!!! I'M NOT ONE OF THOSE STUPID LAME WOMEN THAT WILL GIVE A MAN EVERYTHING SHE HAS JUST BECAUSE HE CONVINCED HER THAT HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER, AND ONCE HIS JOB WAS DONE, HE WAS GOING TO RELOCATE TO MY STATE, BUY ME A $600,000.00 HOME AND A CAR! LIKE I ALWAYS SAY..."IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE...9 TIMES OUT OF 10 IT IS!!! He had me convinced that he was the prince charming that I had been waiting for all of my life! (Now that's funny) The next dramatic incident that occurred was that he made a deal with one of the guys there that if he could come up with $2,000.00, he would give him some of the goods out of the seaport and start the job and get paid. So here we go again.... stooping waaaaay down low and asking asking me repeatedly to send him the money! Even though I knew he was lieing, I sent it to him anyway and he promised to give it back the next week when he go paid. Then after that... another issue arose!!! He couldn't get the goods even with the $2000.00 because one of the workers there was running a scam on him and the manager found out about it and shut the deal down! So now his sob story was that he could't get the job done, so he was going to give up on it and go back home! SERIOUSLY??? IF YOU OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS, I'M PRETTY SURE YOU HAVE MONEY SAVED UP IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY...RIGHT??? THIS IS HOW HE CONFIRMED TO ME THAT ALL ALONG I KNEW HE WAS LIEING AND WAS TRYING TO SEE HOW MUCH MONEY HE COULD CON ME OUT OF! He even stooped so low as to ask me to cash in on my 401K and my retirement money to help him!!! SERIOUSLY??? He's a fool for real!!! So I played along with his little game and told him I would help him... and he was stupid enough to think I would give him more money after he wasn't able to pay me back the money that I loaned him when he said he would! (Men are a trip!!!) but there are some ignorant and blinded by fake love that will keep giving these heartless men whatever they want and end up being hurt in the end! But my parents did't raise no fools! Now this is the best part!!! After he let the job go because he could't afford to get his goods out of the seaport, he claimed that he was arrested because he couldn't finish the job! LMMFAOOOO! Now he needed $400.00 to get his passport back because they took it and kicked him out of the guest house! He continuously tried to convince me that he was living in the garage of the manager of the site (now he really thinks I'm stupid!!! That's been almost 2 months now! And the best part of this scam that he tried to run is...he still wants me to believe that he's stuck in China and can't get back home because they still have his passport!!! Now that's funny! Well the last think I have to say is this... I have warned him multiple times to give me every penny of my money back ASAP! Because if he doesn't... I'm not only coming after MY MONEY... I'M COMING AFTER THE BUSINESS AND EVERYTHING IN IT!!! He thinks I'm joking...but I'm not! My attorney has already drawn up the papers, and there are some pretty heavy charges on there because these transactions occurred from one country to another which is a felony because it's international fraud and scamming! He is seriously going to do some major time! And he will have enough time to sit and reminiscence over the stupid stuff he did and realize he messed with THE WRONG WOMAN THIS TIME! He thought he knew me and could pull this off, but he didn't realize that I have a Master's degree in Criminal Justice, and I have family members who work in law enforcement too...FBI, CIA, and the HLS! So as I said, he can pay me my measly little $2000.00 back, or do a hell of a lot of prison time! Last but not least, all I have to say to his business partners (Jie Yang & Marvin Kobby whom are named in the lawsuit as accomplices) unless you want your business to go completely underground, I better have my money in a weeks time or it's going down!!! I'm not being nice any more. And yes...I have all of my receipts, text messages, and conversations that occurred in reference to this situation! Phone lines and conversations were traced and we have exact locations where all of you are!!! So we can do this the RIGHT way or the TREACHEROUS way!!! Either way is fine with me as long as I get my money back!!! And "Adam"...IT'S BEEN REAL!!! I might just pay you a visit myself before all this goes down!!! Sincerely, "You know who I am!)
    10/11/2017 2:21 am

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